Wolmanized L3 Outdoor Wood
Pressure Treated Wood has evolved; long gone are the days of painted on creosote or other harmful chemicals. .

All of our pressure treated products are made using Wolman's Next Generation of Treated Wood. With a Lifetime limited warranty and eco-friendly carbon based formulation... this is truly wood, treated right!
  • Lifetime limited warranty* against termites and decay fungi
  • Protected against termite damage and fungal decay by an EPA-registered carbon-based formulation.
  • Built-in StabiL3yzr™ additive helps eliminate warping, cracking, and moisture damage
  • No more corrosive to metal hardware than untreated wood; can contact aluminum without fear of accelerated corrosion.
  • Our Treated Pine is kiln dried before our products are crafted.
  • Can be painted or stained without discoloration from preservative.
  • Dual mold inhibitors help prevent mold growth.
  • GreenSpec ® environmentally preferable product.
  • Real wood with the aesthetic and construction benefits of wood, plus environmental attributes: renewable resource made from plentiful, rapidly replenished species grown on managed timberlands; low energy requirements for production; sink for greenhouse gases; thermal, electrical, and acoustic insulation; lightweight for its strength.

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